1/2 and Whole Hogs

One order + one pick-up = months of delicious, healthy meals at home!

Natasha with pork roast

Why buy in bulk?

  • It's easy: We walk you through the order process and give you step-by-step instructions on what choices you'll have and how to pick what you'd like.
  • It's convenient: Order once, pick up once, and have the delicious, local, humanely-raised pork you want right on hand for months to come.
  • It's customizable: You choose exactly what you want, how you want it, so you can customize the flavors, cuts, and sizes that are best for how you cook and eat.
  • You save money: All of the costs are less when you buy in bulk, so you save money! Buying in bulk can save you up to 15-20% compared to purchasing individual retail cuts. 
  • You can cook more at home: A well-stocked freezer makes it so much easier to cook at home. You don't have to remember to order for every meal or make repeat trips to the grocery store for ingredients you forgot. The bacon, sausage, roast, ground pork, and chops you want are right there in your freezer, ready to grab for dinner tonight!

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What our customers say about buying in bulk

"The hog is fantastic. We will be repeat customers I’m sure . . . Getting this hog has reminded me just how much better it is direct from producer. Hands down there is no comparison.”

“The entire process was smooth, and the pork is outstanding!”

"We really like the taste of the pork! Just like the same quality when I was a child before all the commercial farming approaches.”

“Thanks so much for raising quality pork that I feel good about serving our family.”


Bacon in summer

Why choose West Fork pork?

Our pigs live in small groups outdoors year round, with fresh air and space to move and grow at a natural pace.

We raise a variety of types of hogs, choosing heritage breeds that naturally grow more slowly and thrive outdoors.

We make our own feed on the farm from non-GMO ingredients and give our pigs plenty of good straw for bedding and play.

The result is happy lives for our pigs and delicious, high-quality pork for you that is raised well and is juicy, tender, well-marbled, and full of flavor.

Thick-cut pork chops

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Is a 1/2 or whole hog right for you?

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