How We Farm

We are building a pasture-based farm where we use regenerative farming practices to care well for our land and produce the best food we can for our local community.

  • Our pork practices

    Our pigs live outdoors year round, with fresh air and space to move and grow at a natural pace. We raise a variety of types of hogs, focusing on breeds that grow more slowly and thrive outdoors. We make our own feed from non-GMO ingredients and give our pigs plenty of good straw for bedding and play. The result is happy lives for our pigs and delicious pork for you that is juicy, tender, well-marbled, and full of flavor.

  • Our beef practices

    Throughout the grazing season, we rotationally graze our cattle on 60+ acres of pasture that we converted from corn and soybean fields into a diverse perennial pasture. We feed hay in the winter. We don't feed our cows grain and we don't use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on our pastures or hay fields. We raise a variety of breeds, working to build a strong herd that thrives on pasture without grain, growth hormones, or preventive antibiotics.

  • Our chicken practices

    We start our chickens in brooding spaces indoors, with plenty of space to move and grow, until they are big enough to move outside. Once outside, they live on pasture, with sunshine, fresh air, and space to forage. We also give them non-GMO feed from a local feed mill. We raise Freedom Ranger Color Yield chickens, a breed well-suited to growing more slowly and foraging outside.

  • Our chicken egg practices

    Our eggs come from hens who are free to wander outdoors all day long, where they forage, breathe fresh air, and have plenty of space to roam. We supplement their foraging with non-GMO feed from a local feed mill. Our healthy hens lay beautiful brown eggs. You’ll notice the difference right away in the deep, yellow yolks and rich flavor.

  • Our duck egg practices

    We have a small flock of ducks who roam outside during the day, finding every pond and puddle around to play in. We feed them non-GMO feed from a local feed mill. Their white eggs have thick shells and huge, beautiful yolks. We love them for baking or frying up to top rice bowls, noodles, sandwiches, and burgers.

  • Our honey practices

    We tend bees and extract the honey with minimal processing: just light straining, no filtering, and no high-heat processing. We process it that way to allow it to retain more of its natural health benefits and good qualities. You’ll also love its pure, sweet flavor!

    In addition to ordering directly from us, you can also buy our honey at Boyd's Bologna & Smokehouse in Washington, Kalona Coffee House, and Iowa City Landscaping.