About Us

 We are Natasha, Nancy, and Brian Wilson, a daughter, mother, and father team farming outside West Chester, Iowa.

The Wilson family on their farm outside West Chester, Iowa


Brian and Nancy have farmed together on Nancy’s home place since 1982. They started their careers in office jobs before they were laid off and decided office life was not for them. Both having grown up on Iowa farms, they returned to farming and have spent the last 40+ years building a wealth of knowledge about how to care for animals and land and produce great food. Nancy and Brian have five children, twelve grandchildren, and two very good dogs.


Brian and Nancy Wilson


Natasha studied International Studies at The University of Iowa and had a diverse career before she started farming. She spent 17 years studying and working around Iowa and in Chile, St. Louis, Tanzania, Arkansas, and Washington, DC, before moving back to the farm in 2019. She loves reading, cooking local food, and learning the millions of things required to run a diversified farm. She receives encouragement and food reviews from her husband and two young children.


Natasha and family


 We love combining our different skills to pursue our dream at West Fork Farmstead: building a sustainable, pasture-based farm to provide nourishing, high-quality food for our community and to care for our animals and land well.


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