Top 5 Reasons to Choose a 1/2 Hog

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a 1/2 Hog

Have you ever thought about buying pork in bulk and wondered if it's right for you? If so, read on for the top 5 reasons our customers tell us they buy in bulk!

Reason #1: Saves time.

You want to support humane, sustainable farming practices, but you also have a busy life! It can be hard to find time to drive to a farm, connect with a local meat locker, or get to the farmers' market regularly. When you buy in bulk, you can shop right at home: you have what you want on hand right when you need it. 
1/2 hog in freezer

Reason #2: Makes it easier to eat healthier and cook more at home.

If you ever get home later than planned or have just a little time between the end of work/school and the next evening activity, buying in bulk can be a game changer in helping you still cook meals at home. Pork patties can go from the freezer to the stovetop to your plate in just a few minutes, perfect with a quick salad. A pound of ground pork can be tacos,  spaghetti, or lettuce wraps in no time. Or if you know the night will be busy, throw a roast in the crockpot in the morning with some broth or water, an onion, some lemon or lime juice, and a few spices, and it's delicious so many ways: on top of leftover rice; sandwiches; salad; tacos. People tell us they buy in bulk because it helps them avoid defaulting to fast food, takeout, or junk food when they're busy or the day goes differently than planned.
Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

Reason #3: Saves money.

Buying in bulk is more cost-effective than buying individual cuts, usually saving you ~15-20% or more. And your price is locked in: you have a full freezer and don't have to worry about costs going up. We save, too, on going out, not just because we have quick options at home but also because we want to eat at home: we know we have great meat that we can turn into really delicious meals.
Pork Loin with Roasted Veggies

Reason #4: You can support good farming practices and eat great meat even if you live a little farther away from the farm.

While most of our customers live within an hour of our farm, we hear from people all the time who want to be part of the farm but live a bit farther away and can't travel here all the time to get meat. Buying in bulk is the perfect solution: just one trip and you're all stocked up. For most customers, a bulk purchase of a 1/2 or whole hog will last them 6 months to 1 year (ask us if you'd like help deciding what would work best for you!).
1/2 hog at home

Reason #5: It's flexible and fun!

Buying a 1/2 or whole hog means you get your choice of all the different cuts available, which means you may get things you've never made or eaten before. If you like cooking and trying new things, it is so fun to experiment and find ways to use the whole animal. (And if that sounds overwhelming, no worries--the choices are totally up to you, and you can always have things added to your ground meat if you don't think you'd like to use them!) Every small locker is different, too, and offers a variety of choices: different flavors for bratwurst, different seasoning mixes for sausage, different cures for bacon. Some customers like trying different lockers and mixing up their order every time, while others love finding their place and knowing exactly what they'll get. Either way, the best part is that it's up to you: you get to choose exactly what you want!

Does this sound like a good option for you? 

Reserve your 1/2 hog or whole hog from our farm!

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